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Who Is MotorChrome.com ?

MotorChrome.com was started in 1995 in Northern California and has grown steadily ever since. As internet shopping has become more & more popular as well as the muscle car craze MotorChrome.com has evolved into a well oiled world wide parts distribution machine. Servicing the USA and Canada as well as several other countries abroad. Everyone involved with MotorChrome.com is a certified car nut, from the web designers to the people who pack your parts for shipment. Our goal is to provide you with the shiny stuff you need to give your car's engine & drive train that perfect hotrod look but also give you the "bang for your buck" to finish your ride in style and still have money left over for the gas to show it off. Specializing in the classic Ford Chevy Mopar Pontiac and Olds power plants has given us the ability by volume to bring you quality production chrome parts at near wholesale pricing.

In 2015 MotorChrome.com is celebrating its 20th year in business. We will be adding a record amount of new parts this year and we have launched an entirely new website with a bunch of cool new features. We encourage you to "click around" a while on our site and check out what we can do for your favorite ride. We vow to keep our pricing low, quality high, parts in stock and shipping fast. It is our way of paying back our customers that have made MotorChrome.com so successful over the past 20 years and frankly just the way we roll.

We Are Making The World Shine One Engine At A Time

Thanks for shopping with us!